12 November 2013

Vintage VS6 - Mod

So now we can move forward to a new chapter of my instrument building odyssey,
After owning a few guitars of different quality and gauge, I grew increasingly interested in assembling something of my own.
However,  as a first step I got myself a very affordable, but well constructed Vintage VS6 (LINK).

First order of business was to replace the Wilkinson passive humbuckers with an EMG JH signature active pickup set (LINK).

The operation was strangely straight forward and I got the new pickups running within an evening.

Of course the story doesn't end here... Next up I wanted to try out different components, so I acquired a Stetsbar Pro II (LINK), which needed no additional routings to the guitar body and utlilizes the original Tune-O-Matic bolt holes.

One of the main issues I had decided to change was the awful looking vintage tuning pegs.
After some investigation I decided to go for the all black Planet Waves Auto-Trim tuning machines (LINK).

This was a choice I've been very happy with and I have exclusively purchased the same tuning pegs since.

As for minor changes, that enhanced the look a lot, I changed the plastic knobs into black barrel style knobs... and removed the "rhythm / treble" sticker from the switch.

I later acquired a Schaller Tune-O-Matic tail with built in piezo system (LINK) (that I sadly never got running) and ended up with all black hardware.


During the summer 2013, I changed the Schaller Tune-O-Matic stop tail back to the Stetsbar when I sold the guitar to my good friend.

I must say the Vintage electronic guitars are of incredible quality and the guitar had good action.
This guitar was what ignited my will to really start picking the strings as well as gave me confidence to move on the other projects....

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