29 December 2013

Flaxwood - MOF kit MK2

Maybe a bit dull, but my following guitar project, after my black-on-black MOF-kit (LINK), was another MOF-kit - This time building it with leftover Wilkinson parts from my Vintage Electronics VS6 (LINK).
I just couldn't leave the parts lying around now could I? :)
All in all there is very little to add to the previous MOF build.

As said, both the Tune-O-Matic and the pickups are Wilkinson parts and as always, the tuning pegs are Planet Waves Auto-Trim tuning machines (LINK)

The fretboard markings were filled in with epoxy glue as in the previous build and the finish was made with transparent Osmo color woodwax (LINK).

Again the kit came in good condition and was usable with fairly little work. of course some sanding was needed but that should go without saying.

The body came with pre-fabricated holes for the Tune-O-Matic bridge, but the stoptail needed a great deal of work to get into place.
The bridge just needed some sanding to get it low enough for a proper string height, mine are still a bit high.

Also, due to the structure of the hollow body it took quite the time and some trials and errors before the tail was in place.

Here I came upon the important notion that, compared with wood, the Flaxwood composite material is harder and cracks easier, so make sure the holes you drill are large enough or else you will need some more glue to repair the damage.


  1. Hi there,

    First off, congratulations on your building projects. They all look very well done.

    It seems like an interesting guitar building kit. What I would like to know though, do Flaxwood sell their MOF kits outside of Finland?

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