25 March 2016

Flaxwood - MOF kit MK3

Okay, there has been an unreasonably long silence from my side and this guitar was actually finished over a year ago.
There are still some small imperfections on it, but I think it turned out quite beautiful anyway.

Times, there are times... when the projects feel long as h*ll.
Times, there are times... when the painting is done, then the guitar fell.

For this projects, some stupid nutcase decided it would be cool to go for a complete white glossy guitar. WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!!
It's not like white shows all flaws in the paint? right?

Anyway... coat after coat after coat with white primer and sanding in between gave a nice base for the glossy white. Sadly, as I hinted before, the guitar fell after one painting and messed up a few spots completely -> more sanding, more painting and anew coat of varnish...and a few more.

But let's start from the beginning.
I once again ordered a MOF-kit from Flaxwood (LINK). This time it was for 2xP90 pickups and Tune-O-Matic bridge with a pre-made "f"-hole.
The neck came without pre-made slots for the frets as this was aimed to be a fretless guitar.

The first troubles at sea came along with my choice of pickups.
I went for a set of Seymore Duncan Jazzmasters (LINK), so I needed to grind more space in the pickup slots.

The basic build was much as in my earlier two Flaxwood projects. The neck application was a breeze with Loctite (LINK) glue but the application of the back lid craved a lot of work. Still the MOF-kit is a good way to start the guitar building hobby due to the flexible nature of the composite material.

The painting (again out on the balcony) was a real pain in the ass, craving loads of work, but finally I was done. I used a set of different spray paints by Maston (White primer, Glossy white, Glossy varnish, metallic varnish) to get the desired result.

I ended up with a very basic setup for the guitar, only a toggle switch for the pickup selection and a volume knob, Planet Waves Auto-Trim tuning machines (LINK) a basic Tune-O-Matic bridge and a Vintage style tail.
All hardware parts are chrome.

The biggest change to my usual parts of preference was the strings. I went for DR Strings -  K3™ NEON​™ Hi-Def© WHITE ELECTRICs (LINK) to give the guitar a cool look.

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