14 March 2017


Cheers. I'm here with a really quick one this time around.

This was a nice little weekend project after I took a trip to my local IKEA (LINK). It took me around 2-3 hours in all to fix everything together.
The electronic parts were scavenged from old projects and spare parts I never came around to using.

Anyways. the main ingredients of this project were aquired on a trip to IKEA.

- 1 x FASCINERA chopping board 
- 1 x MÖLLARP handle
- 6 x MÖLLARP knob

And from my own stash.

- 1 x blade bass pickup
- 1 x volume pot
- 1 x 1/4" Jack socket

The plan is simple. The chopping board makes the instrument body, the handle makes the stoptail for the strings and the knobs emulate tuning pegs.
The positioning of the handle was made on aesthetic basis and the bass pickup was aligned according to the handle. My suggestion is to use a blade pickup so it's easier to align the strings. I used this Wil-series Hot Rail Jazz pickup (LINK).

Notice that the handle could be any from the vast IKEA collection. For me the desicion was driven by looks and price.

The ground wire from the elctronics is connected to one of the screws from the handle.
After the pickup was fastened I filed grooves into the handle to keep the strings in their place. then fastened the two strings, the top and bottom string. Now I could measure the position of the tuning pegs (knobs) so that the strings would be placed over the pickup.
Finally I drilled holes for the knobs and fastened them onto the board. Also the knobs were filed so the strings get a small groove for better alignment.
The strings I used on this project are also random strings I had lying around.

The main con in this project is that the intrument won't hold any tuning except 'un-tuned'. This is something that will need future investigation and planning. Then again the chopping board has the most amazing sustain - I love it! 

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